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Ground Breaking 84 MW Gorkin-Matiltan Hydro Power Project Kalam Swat

Ground Breaking 84 MW Gorkin-Matiltan Hydro Power Project Kalam Swat

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak Speech Ground Breaking 84 MW Gorkin-Matiltan Hydro Power Project Kalam Swat (02.12.16)

Chief Minister informed that the 84 Mega Watt Gorkeen Mataltaan Hydro Power Project would be completed at a cost of Rs. 20 billion in a period of four years and would generate a revenue. CM KP warned that PTI govt would not tolerate any negligence on the part of the govt employees whether they were in police, health, education or any department. He told that provincial govt had ensured merit and transparency in all departments. He further said that e-tendering had been introduced in the province to check award of contract to any favoured contractor

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said his govt revamped public sector institutions in the province, sensitized them to the public service and his government ensured justice and transparency in all public sector institutions. Chief Minister said he brought the available unutilized infrastructure in the province in different sectors to the level of full utilization and that was visible now.

His government had a developmental strategy of public welfare oriented nature and it was constantly working on it, he added. He lamented, the past rulers did corruption and irregularities that rendered the public sector institutions in total disarray. He said corruption was rampant in the past. Political institutions used to safeguard the interest of political masters. These institutions had lost all the capacity to deliver and resultantly the poor was at the receiving end, he added. He fine- tuned the system having no space for the corrupt elements, now and if anybody dared doing corruption or anything proved against anyone he would be made history, he added.

Pervez Khattak said that his government performance was so transparent that even the opposition could not raise an accusing finger against his government. “This is what the change is” and the changed system started delivering. He said that his govt performance eliminated the political opponents in the field of politics and the opponents could not henceforth think of investing in politics for more dividend.

Chief Minister said that the past KP had an anti investment friendly environment because of corruption but his government made a pro investment friendly environment and therefore the investors were flooding KP in different sectors. Our efforts restored the confidence of the people, he added.

Referring to his govt efforts in hydropower generation, he said that 150 small hydel projects out of 356 have been completed while the rest will be completed till next June. He said that after completion of these projects, one million people of the province will be extended uninterrupted power supply. He said that the public sector has executed schemes to produce 600 mega watt electricity while the private sector schemes would produce 1400 mega watt electricity and the system would have 2000 mega watt of electricity through these projects. He reminded that it was the provincial governments own resources being used in power sector as the federal government was not investing here in this sector. The reasons are unknown as to why the cheap source was not opted and the expensive source was being selected.

Chief Minister added that a welfare state always focus on provision of basic needs of life to its masses to facilitate them. Such facilities, he remarked were included provision of electricity, easy and dignified access to government offices, maintenance of merit and better educational facilities. The Chief Minister disclosed that construction work of roads, parks and other civic facilities would be started in Kalam in next March which would cost Rs. 50 crores. Another Rs. 50 crores had also been provided to start and complete different schemes for the people’s welfare of the area. He said that steps would be initiated to develop Kalam and bring it at par with Nathiagali. Similarly, he informed that execution of Kalam – Maho Dhand road would be started in the coming March. The Chief Minister said that staff deficiency in schools had been removed while the remaining deficiency would be overcome within next few months. He said that doctors deficiency had been fulfilled in 20 districts of the province while the deficiency of special doctors would be overcome very soon. Criticizing previous govt, the Chief Minister said that these governments had been deceiving people and despite announcement of projects never bothered to provide funds for its implementation. He said that the present government believed in practical steps and ensure all out arrangements for implementation of projects.



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